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Cell Phone Tracking Software to Watch an Employee’s Phone

Employers issue company-purchased smartphones to their employees for use in their jobs. These could be the jobs of delivery drivers, sales reps, service technicians, field engineers, and others. However, issuing a smartphone to an employee can be an invitation to all sorts of troublesome scenarios which is why a cell phone tracker is necessary.

mobile spy

Why Watch an Employee’s Smartphone?

There are several reasons why you as an employer issuing company-paid smartphones would need to monitor them. Running cell phone tracking software such as the product made by Mobile Spy deals with situations like the following:

  • Time wasting
  • Going to places unauthorized during working hours
  • Harassment of co-workers
  • Sharing company secrets
  • Potential for loss or theft

You can probably think of other situations as well. Without a cell phone spy running on their smartphones there are all sorts of situations you as an employer are exposed to.

Mobile Spy Features for Watching Employee Smartphones

When you review the list of features with the Mobile Spy cell phone tracking app, you will see that it is long. However there are features that can be particularly useful when it comes to monitoring your employee’s smartphone and these are:

Mobile Spy Features

  • Monitors websites visited and apps utilized (to include Youtube videos watched)
  • Can trace the GPS locations of where the employee has been
  • Sees all text messages from SMS and a variety of other sources
  • Reveals the calendar on the monitored smartphone
  • Provides administrator remote control commands to take action when a smartphone goes missing due to oversight, loss, or theft

The Mobile Spy app runs silently on the monitored smartphone and enables you to see the truth right from your secure subscriber control panel.

Stopping Time Wasters

Time wasting on a smartphone can come in the form of website browsing, game playing, and social networking. While website browsing and social networking may have some valid purpose in business, it needs to be monitored as it could quickly get out of hand.

With the Mobile Spy cell phone tracking app, you can see all websites visited and determine if your employee is wasting time viewing nonsense. In the same manner, you can see if he is using certain apps such as games to pass the day instead of working. You can also block apps that you don’t want your employee using on a company smartphone from your subscriber control panel.

Keeping Tabs on Travel

Your employee’s job may require leaving the office such as with a delivery driver. However, without a cell phone spy, you have no way to determine if all of his destinations were for company business.

With this cell phone locator you can see GPS location history and with the Mobile Spy LIVE Control Panel you can request current location.

No Place for Harassment

Then there is the employee who spends a good part of his day flirting with the other ladies in the office. The text messaging features of today’s smartphones can also be an invitation to send messages to these same ladies that are overbearing and can be deemed as sexual harassment.

If you as an employer do nothing about sexual harassment in the workplace then you could be susceptible to a lawsuit brought on by the victim.

Protect Company Secrets

Every business has its own ideas that set it apart from the competition. However, as an employer, you don’t want your employees sharing these secrets with friends outside of the office. These could be friends in the same line of work and employed by your competitors.

Mobile Spy cell phone tracking software has hooks into not only the SMS messaging system of the monitored phone but also a wide range of texting apps such as email, Gmail, WhatsApp, iMessage (iPhone), Facebook, Twitter, and more.

Practically any avenue that an employee would send text messages Mobile Spy collects logs on. You get the full text of all these messages sent to your control panel and you could quickly determine if company secrets are being shared.

Issuing smartphones to your employees is not a matter to be taken lightly. Not only do the equipment and service cost but the business information contained on these devices is priceless.

This is where the cell phone tracking product from Mobile Spy enables you to stay in control of these smartphone assets as well as the behavior of your employees. See the Mobile Spy website today and get cell phone spy software on all of your business smartphones.