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Monitor Your Home Computer


As a parent, it is important to monitor the activities of your kids, especially when they are using the home computer. Most of their tasks will involve various activities on the Internet like web browsing, chatting, online games and emails. It’s essential that you know what they’re up to, so you can have an idea if they are misbehaving online. We all know that the teenagers are very enthusiastic about social networking sites, since this is the only site where they can interact with their friends. However, there are also online predators on these sites and they are always looking for young people to victimize.

You need to protect the welfare of your children by limiting their time on the Internet. By using sniperspy, you can filter certain sites through its social media filter capability. You can literally block social networking websites for a particular period of time. So, your kids will not be able to access these sites during the time you set on the software. It is also possible to filter the IM chat and block the chat feature of your target computer. If you think that your children are visiting inappropriate sites, it would be wise to use the web filter features of this software.

Also, if you want to block certain applications on your computer like games or other programs that can take away the attention of your children from their studies, then you can block these applications. Your kids won’t be able to play their games during study period.

Most importantly, this computer monitoring solution can record all the chat conversations from social networking sites that your kids had visited. This will give you an idea what they are saying to their friends. You need to understand that young people these days are talking about sex, violence and drugs. That’s why you need to monitor their chat conversations.

SniperSpy coupon code is now available on the Internet and you can purchase at least its basic subscription to be able to use this spy software. The standard price for this computer monitoring software will be around $39.97, and that’s already a 3-month license to use the software.