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Monitoring Your Kids with PhoneSheriff

In a perfect world, parents would not need to monitor their kids’ behavior and where they go each day but this is obviously not the case. Concerned parents would like to have their eyes and ears follow their child wherever he goes but this is impossible as well. However, the PhoneSheriff cell phone tracking system can act like a parent’s eyes and ears wherever their child goes. Keep reading and find out more.

Why Use PhoneSheriff

Parents buy smartphones for their children for both safety and convenience. Without the PhoneSheriff cell phone tracking system running on their smartphones, parents cannot determine if their kids are abusing those devices plus they cannot take advantage of the features that tell the truth about their child’s activities.

The PhoneSheriff Features that Help Parents

Here are some of the features that help parents when it comes to keeping tabs on their children carrying smartphones given to them. The PhoneSheriff cell phone spyware features include:

  • Monitoring of all calls made and received to/from the smartphone
  • Collecting the full text of every SMS and email message sent or received on the device
  • Tracking the GPS location of every place that the device has been to include current location and geofencing capability
  • Receiving an uploaded copy of every photo and video taken on the child’s smartphone
  • Getting a glimpse at every website visited on the device’s web browser

This is just the beginning of the features provided with the PhoneSheriff cell phone tracking system. You can read more at phonesheriff reviews.

You can see that as a parent that you have eyes and ears following any activity your child is involved in while carrying a smartphone given to her.

With PhoneSheriff Cell Phone Tracking

As mentioned previously, with the PhoneSheriff app you now have the help you need as a parent with regard to your children and their smartphones. Here a few ways this product helps:

  • You can see with whom your children are communicating by viewing the call logs.
  • It shows you the full text of all SMS and email messages thus you can derive the activities of your child based on their context.
  • Seeing the full text of messages can also alert you to any incidence of a predator or bully stalking your child.
  • You can set up alert notifications if your child is using profanity within the text messages he sends.
  • When your child doesn’t tell you the truth about her current location, you will know because of the GPS location tracking feature.
  • Geofencing allows you to set permissible zones for your children to be in when away from home and if they leave them then you get notified.
  • You can look at the photos and videos taken on their phones thus you will see if these images have inappropriate content.
  • Seeing the websites that your child visits can alert you if he is visiting those that are inappropriate. The PhoneSheriff also allows you to block those websites either by specific URL or subject category.

phonesheriff app

All information can be seen from your secure subscriber control panel by clicking on the relevant tabs and links associated with the category that you want to see, you can also use the Free Archive App to download your logs.

There are too many peer influences and threats out there to not install a cell phone spy app on the smartphone that you give your child to carry and use. The best advice is to purchase and install the PhoneSheriff cell phone tracking system on your child’s smartphone before you give it to him. Make a stop at the PhoneSheriff website today and place your order without delay.