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Reports That You Can Create with SpyBubble Data

One of the uses for SpyBubble spy software is to track the activities on company phones given to employees for work purposes. Employers may want to do this so as to catch employees who are not using their phones for work-related duties but there is another use besides this. With the SpyBubble cell phone tracking app, several useful business reports can be generated from the data that the cell phone app sends. Read further and see some ideas.

SpyBubble Data

Cell Phone Usage Reports

Data tracked with the SpyBubble cell phone spy app gets sent to a secure storage area only accessible by you the administrator. And a good portion of the data can be downloaded in .CSV format making it importable to your favorite reporting software such as Microsoft Excel.

A basic report that can be generated from the call, SMS, and other message logs is a general usage report. A report of this nature can alert you if the cell phones are used too much or if a new cellular plan is needed that will allow more minutes per month before excess charges are applied.

Client Activity Reports

Another type of report that can be generated from your favorite reporting software is number of calls by client. This is useful for identifying the most active clients in your business which is important for focusing all service and marketing efforts.

SpyBubble cell phone tracking software logs the caller and the recipient for each call, SMS and email message. Furthermore, it also captures the originator and recipient of each and can be easily sorted, grouped, and ranked to spot the most active clients.

Mileage Reports

Company vehicles are not only expensive to buy but operate as well. There’s no secret there. But unless they are metered to track mileage, it will always be hit or miss when it comes to controlling their operating expenses.

The cell phone tracking app can be your company vehicle meter as well because you can download location tracking information in .CSV format just as you can the other logs. The app sends the latitude and longitude of every location that the target phone has been along with the date and time that the point was logged.

Reports that use location can be utilized for more than just logging mileage. They can be used to study travel routes driven by your employees to make delivery or service calls. Analysis of the routes can lead to finding shorter routes to go to the same vicinities in the future thus saving both time and mileage.

Trip Time Reports

With the same SpyBubble GPS logs, trip time reports can be generated from the .CSV files. Then, along with the travel route analysis, you can identify those trips that take longer at certain times because of traffic conditions and create a schedule for traveling those same routes at optimum times.

Most Active Websites Visited Reports

You don’t want your employees using their company-issued cell phones to visit non-work-related entertainment and other inappropriate websites. And, SpyBubble will give you the big picture as to employees doing such. What about informational websites that you find your employees using oftentimes to do their jobs?

For example, you are responsible for issuing cell phones to the attorneys who work in your law firm. Because their phones have SpyBubble, you know the websites they access from their devices. Producing a report that shows the most frequently visited websites from their phones might reveal that they need access to their state’s statutes which are found at the relevant URLs.

Thus, if you were to install any internet filtering software on their phones, you would want to make sure that the most popular work-related websites are not blocked because they are needed for their jobs.

Of course you would want to modify these ideas for your particular business needs but you get the idea of how powerful SpyBubble actually is when it comes to not only its robust features but the other uses for the data as well. Find out the reporting power of SpyBubble cell phone tracking software and purchase it today. You will realize tremendous cost savings spawned by the information the target phone app gathers.